A conversation piece
BeoCom 2 challenges conventional assumptions about telephone design. Crafted from a single piece of aluminium, it sits naturally in the hand, while its gentle curve matches the shape of the human face. Place the charger on the wall or the table, and enjoy cordless freedom all over the house. The exceptional balance in your hand and natural sound in your ear make it easy to talk for hours. BeoCom 2 is a system telephone with up to eight handsets from the one base station – combine also with BeoCom 1.

Navigate every feature effortlessly
This striking phone has numerous functions you will surely find convenient, such as Caller ID, Redial with access to the latest 24 incoming and outgoing calls and an electronic phonebook shared among connected handsets. The phonebook is created automatically as calls are made and received, and can hold up to 200 name and number entries. BeoCom 2 simply suggests you save the number for the person you’ve spoken to, every time you end a call. For access to all functions, just use the thumb-track point inserted in the keypad.
Attracting attention – without even ringing

The organic shape of BeoCom 2 is created through the use of a hydro-forming technique that presses the telephone into shape. The result is a very resistant, one-piece telephone without sharp edges or unattractive joints. Its aluminium shell is available in a selection of durable, anodized colours, and shaped to allow for easy, effortless use. With the addition of having its own unique ringing tone, this is one telephone that people will continue to talk about.
Quality conversations

Bang & Olufsen telephone technology is renowned for authentic voice reproduction and superb sound quality. The speakers recreate every nuance in the voice of the person you are speaking with. Moreover, to eliminate background disturbances, you can control the sound volume on Bang & Olufsen products from the telephone. Unfortunately, it cannot turn down the volume of a barking dog or a lively family.
Home phone network

BeoCom 2 can be used as part of a cordless phone system that can contain up to eight individual BeoCom 2 or BeoCom 1 handsets from a single telephone jack. You can add chargers and handsets as needed in an internal telephone system, combining two very distinct and exclusive cordless concepts, and offering easy transfer of external calls and free internal calls between handsets.

Caracteristiques techniques
BeoCom 2 Cordless Telephone Product Specifications
Designer David Lewis
System: DECT cordless telephone
– base (with handset): Ø 95 x H 319 mm Ø
– handset: Ø 28 x H 272 mm Ø
Weight of handset: 220 g
– base: black
– handset: aluminium, blue, black, yellow, grey
Placement of base: table / wall
Capacity (standby / talk time): 150 h / 18 h
Charging time: 5 h
– indoor: Up to 50m
– outdoor: Up to 300m
Note that Caller ID and supplementary services may need special subscription
Caller ID with date and hour: 16 numbers and names
Memory (Phonebook): 200 numbers with names
Redial: 16 numbers and names
Dialling of Caller ID number: yes
Volume control: yes
Microphone mute: yes
Display of call duration: yes
Ringer settings: yes
A/ V volume control: yes
Light in display activated by operation: yes
Optional: chargers (wall, table)
BeoCom 2 Table Base: type 0846
BeoCom 2 Wall Base: type 0847
BeoCom 2 Table Charger: type 0880
BeoCom 2 Wall Charger: type 0881


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